Monday, March 28, 2016

The Most Important Thing

So, this whole Easter thing happened again.  It seems to happen every year at some point in the Spring.  Typically this day is marked by boisterous music, small girls clad in fancy dresses, and colorful eggs hidden in grass.  While these hallmarks of the holiday are enjoyable and make for happy memories, they are not at the core of what defines Easter at Edgewood.
     Pastor Matt was back this week and he brought us a timely reminder of the significance of the truth we were there to celebrate.  The discussion began with a question - "What is the most important thing?"  The obvious churchy answer is something along the lines of "Jesus" or "the Gospel," but we were going deeper than that.  We all know what we're supposed to say, but that's not usually where most of us live on a daily basis.
     There are plenty of priorities that require our attention, but only one thing is the most important.  We can spend our time focusing on getting just the right programs organized or minimizing inconveniences in our lives, but ultimately none of it will ever be enough.
     So what is it?  What is so important that we can root our entire existence in its reality?  According to Paul in I Corinthians 15, the truth is this--Jesus died.  He was buried, and he rose again on the third day just as the Scriptures had said.  Without this reality, everything we as Christians claim to believe in is pointless.  Without this reality, we are the most pitiful creatures on the earth.  What is it that differentiates us from the rest of mankind?  We know that it's real.  Behind all the window dressing of special music, fellowship potlucks, and revival services--Jesus died.  He was buried, and he rose again.
     As a child who discovers the impending egg hunt and rushes to find his playmate to give him the good news, so should we be basing our entire existence on the Truth.  As a child who whispers excitedly, "There's candy! In eggs! Outside!  All we have to do is go pick it up!"  So are we with this reality that defies logic and reason in one pass.  Jesus died.  He was completely dead.  Then they buried his body, and three days later he came back to life.  This is so much better than candy hidden in eggs.
     So, as you walk away from this holiday please keep in mind the fact that the most important thing is not what we do.  The most important thing has been done for us.  

Jesus died.  He was buried, and he rose again.  This, and this alone, is the most important thing.

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